Network update process

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Re: Network update process

Hello there! Thanks for contacting us. Let's take a closer look. There are a few things to know about the network update: 


•Devices that are already active WILL continue to work, though, over time may experience service degradation in areas where PRL/roaming updates are required.

•Functions such as: obtaining PRL/Roaming updates, ESN swaps, Activations / Reactivations, Master Resets, etc.. will no longer be possible. 


We do not know specifically at what time it will occur . ~AmyM25


Network update process

When the device Network update occurs on April 30, 2019, will it be an physical action on the part of Sprint or is it just a point in time that certain phones will no longer be able to update/activate? If it is a physical action, is there an estimated time during that day within which it will occur?