Many Issues: Data drops, timeouts, drops to 3g in LTE area, customer service


Re: Many Issues: Data drops, timeouts, drops to 3g in LTE area, customer service

Oh no! That’s definitely not what we like to hear, Gaharris1985. Can you private message us your phone number so we can investigate further?


Many Issues: Data drops, timeouts, drops to 3g in LTE area, customer service

First things first I am typically a low data user...maybe 8 gigs on a high month.....
So So disappointed...When I first got boost it was great. Speed was great and customer service was a bit hard to understand but still heIpful. I even quickly moved my second line to boost and for a few months things were great besides the fact that I called in at least 4+ times due to my Boost Deals credits from my other lines not showing up. Each time after the first it was always like i got someone who didnt know what they were doing and I had to tell them what to do and then they would tell me it would be automatically ported to the main account. Well it never did auto port so I still have to call in and claim my credit or it just sits in limbo. Unfortunately I have already wasted hours on trying to fix that its become easier to just call and ask for a supervisor and have them transfer them... Ive decided I can deal with that like it is but what I cannot deal with is the my connection to the network at this point...that and some terrible customer service (mostly...i feel like out of the countless reps I have talked to only 1 of 10 were actually helpful). But to the main that I've went from usually getting somewhere between the 20 and 40 and even up to nearly the 70 megs range to, within the last month or so, being lucky to get 10 megs and even then its not consistent....i will get 3 megs a couple minutes later. Sometimes they even just time out. My most recent tests have been as low as .02 megs and no higher than 13.3. It is the same for all three of my lines. I even did a test by going to places in town that I frequently get high speeds at (between 30 and 68 megs typically) and my average speeds are consistently between 1.5 and 14 megs max and thats when I am not cutting out.. Even more recently both of my phones have been showing 3g status in areas that I have always had at least 3 bar LTE and is in the LTE area on the online coverage map....I first noticed issues a little over a month ago but they have gotten much worse. Really the switching to 3g and getting as low as .02 on a speed test while the phone shows 2 bars LTE started happening the day after my bill rolled over to the next month and that is killing me. I have done this testing on several days at several of my frequented locations since then and I am completely appalled by the quality of service especially this last billing cycle. Before this happened I even went so far as to port over three more numbers (which I had to have redone because the lady at the store activated the wrong numbers on the wrong phones even though the numbers were written right on the box). I work as a field tech for one of the largest computer companies in the world and had convinced most of the guys in my crew to switch to boost when I first got on and at one point almost all the field techs and engineers in our coverage area were using boost because of my recommendation. Now at least half of them have moved to metropcs or cricket and the ones that still have boost constantly remind me that I sold them on a sub standard cell phone service. I loved Boost and would like to be proud to say I have Boost Mobile again if I could actually use it when I need it and like i need it. I have tried calling so many times about this or that and either I cant understand what the person is saying or they're swearing I dont have any credits when I can see the credit notifications on my phone. Or even worse when one of them hung up on me because I was frustrated and loud after I waited on hold for 20 minutes to speak to someone and because of a network drop I lose the call and have to call back and wait another 30 minutes to get to someone. I have worked in a customer service call center and the number 1 rule is you do not hang up on a customer or show anger toward them no matter how they act. In every situation...
Evaluate >Disarm>Resolve
I dont want to but if I am just going to have to deal with complete call and data drops, drops to 3g in 4g areas and speeds dropping so low that either nothing works at all or the google page loads top down super slow like it used to on dial up I am going to have to switch to cricket or metroPCS.. This has been long but there is no reason I should be getting .02 in a 4g LTE designated area and I am upset. I have all phone calls to boost saved as they were called from a recorded work line. Calls, screenshots and gps coordinates available upon request.
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