Lost my new number for Reboost Account


Re: Lost my new number for Reboost Account

Hello there, @JJTorres! We’d like to help you. Please provide us your number and PIN through a private message so we can look into it for better assistance. Thanks.


Lost my new number for Reboost Account

So I actually have 2 problems:


1. On my iphone 6 it says I have no service after I bought a new SIM card since I lost my old SIM card. On settings I went to go see for my phone number, went to the section that said 'Phone', and on 'My Phone' it didn't display my new phone number even when I already payed for my monthly service and with the new SIM card inserted into my iphone.

So my phone is basically useless without service unless connected to my home internet. Which led to my 2nd problem.


2. I knew I could change my phone number on my Reboost account but what I didn't know beforehand (I thought I could enter my new phone number of my iphone 6 into the account manually)  that it would generate and give me an entirely new number. When it displayed the new phone number that my account has given me, my laptop turned since it was out of charge before I could even write down the new generated phone number.

So now I don't know the new number to get back into my ReBoost account, try to fix my problem since I still only have service for an old number on another broken down iphone and not on my iphone 6. I do remember my PIN number though for my Reboost account.