How long do I have to wait to upgrade

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Re: How long do I have to wait to upgrade

BlackBerry. Unfortunately Boost Mobile does not have a free upgrade program. We do have a promotion program on our authorized dealer stores where you can upgrade your device for a lower price if you haven't switch the phone on a current account in 120 days.  





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Re: How long do I have to wait to upgrade

Who gives a **bleep** how many different phones you ge, if over all that time if you remained loyal to boost and made that monthly payment to Boost every month as well .......... Who gives a **bleep** how many phones you had.....


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Lol you can choose to upgrade anytime. Boost mobile is prepaid not contract but if you want to you can wait a year to upgrade. I know it seem long but if u do, it shows them that your loyal. Once that year is up and you don't want to be with them anymore and want your phone unlock they will be more then happy and do that for you for free because you showed them how much of a loyal customer you been with them over a year and how much you really enjoyed there phone. They will respect your decision on whatever carrier you wish to go to now because you had always showed them your respect for them for a year for being a customer for so long or you can choose to continue be with them like me. I been with them for so long. Which is even better because sometime they will offer you a free phone for free of your choice. Probably just at my location but I don't know but like they say respect comes from a long way. It takes time to earn someone respect and trust someone with it. 🙂

So if you keep wanting to switch phones over and over and still be with them then that will let them know that you can't decide on what to get and your just a person who's interested in the latest gaget and seem to can't hold on to one thing to another thing at a time and then you will lose your previlage on getting that unlocking service for free. Even though you making them lots of money by keep on making the switch but that isn't showing them your loyal. Money isn't everything in this world. Money don't give you respect. You can't buy respect. You gotta earn it. 🙂

I treat my phone like my girl. I will never let her go no matter what. I don't care if she gets old. As long as she stay by my side I will always love her and to me she will always be beautiful and I don't care what people think or say about her. 🙂

Can't believe I did get any kudos for this or the best answer. Guess I kept it to real for him but kudos to you @injeans or maybe it was because I Lol -_-

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You have to wait 4 months to get upgrade pricing. However, you can buy a new phone anytime by paying full retail

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I'm not exactly sure what you mean, Boost is Pre paid service, you can upgrade anytime. I'll try to explain.

Just like Boost website says here;

"Prepaid lets you upgrade your phone when you’re ready, so you don’t have to wait around to see when you’re eligible for a new phone."

"When you choose prepaid, you pay for the cost of your phone at the beginning and save immediately by paying less for your service. When you purchase a phone and commit to a two-year contract, you may save some money on cost of the phone at the beginning, but you’re actually paying for that phone each month, since a portion of the cost is included in your monthly wireless bill."

So, now that that is out of the way,  @Jen21_love is correct that there are 'promotions' offered from time to time. The current promotion for existing Boost customers basically goes like this....
If a customer has the same device activated on their account/number for 120 consecutive days, they may get up to $100 the purchase of a new device.

Note the key phrase 'UP TO' this does not mean $100 off any phone.
Usually something like this;
A 200 Phone for 100
A 180 Phone for 150
A 150 Phone for 80
A 130 Phone for 80
A 100 Phone for 50 or 30

But that pricing is all depending on many factors like the device MFG, the current (over)stock levels, the availability of upcoming new devices, and more.

Also, since it is a promotion, it is limited in time. Currently we are in the 4th quarter of the year. Come 2017, I am sure there will be an updated version of this promotion.

I should clarify that example pricing for the promotion is for a specific device. It definitely would be , you can get this $200 phone model Y for $100, but this other $200 phone model X is not part of the promotion and does not qualify for a discount so model X is still $200.
And another example ...
We have these five different $100 phones, with you 120 day promo models A and B you can get for $50, Model C for $30 , but Model D & Model E are still $100.

Do reply if you have more questions.


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Just to inform you that you need to pass the eligibilty for the phone upgrade. The phone must be on the accouunt for 120 days without swapping to a different device. If yyou pass the eligublity , you can visit our website or drop by at the store for the process of phone upgrade.


How long do I have to wait to upgrade

How long do I have to have my phone before I can upgrade? I hate thus phone keeps saying I have no memory.