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Re: Delivery

Hi, caisaun! Please send us a private message with the order number and shipping address.


Re: Delivery

I didn't get an email with a tracking number, how would I get this?  I checked and my order status says "shipped"


Re: Delivery

Hello, Martina. Thank you very much for contacting us. Unfortunately, we are not able to cancel the order if it has been more than 4 hours. Could you please provide us with more details about your issue?

Re: Delivery

I still waiting since 03.07.2017.

Will wait but i would cancel my order tomorrow.

best regards



Re: Delivery


Yikes, sorry you had to wait for your phone.

Almost always Boost uses FedEx for 1 Day shipping.  

It sounds like it is right on time and to deliver on Dec 28 as expected.

Boost is no different than Amazon.  I placed an order at the Amazon site also, on Dec 24 and pick one day shipping.  Well, it arrives in one business day AFTER it ships.  Well, shipping days are Business days M-F.  the 24th was a Sat, no shipping, the 25th was a Sun, no shipping, then Dec 26th is a national Holiday (Christmas Observed) and all the govt and bank places were all closed, and so no shipping.  Today is TUE Dec 27 and my Amazon item I order on Dec 24 shipped today TUE Dec 27 for delivery tommorow on WED Dec 28.  Expect your device to be on the same schedule due to USPS/UPS/FedEx and monday the 26th being a holiday(Boost was prolly closed just like FedEx was).


You can always track your online orders at this page -!/shop/orderStatus/


Hope this helps and you get it tomorrow before 8PM.

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Does anyone know who boost mobiles delivery vendor is ? i ordered a phone christmas eve night ( 11/24/2016) i even paid the extra 12.00 for the next business day delivery and its now tuesday 11/27/2016 5:25 pm and the phone still isnt here