Data Done Right - Your Questions Answered

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Data Done Right - Your Questions Answered


In light of Hurricane Irma, Data Done Right and Custom mobile phone service will continue through 9/14/17. However, the last day to keep your device and number was 8/31/17. Call us at 1.888.322.1122 to start new service.



In light of Hurricane Harvey, Data Done Right and Custom mobile phone service will continue through 9/8/17. However, in order to keep your device and number, you will still need to migrate before 8/31/17 10PM CST - Call us at 1.844.680.3922



All Data Done Right customers must switch to a Virgin Mobile Data Love plan before 8/31/17 10pm CST to keep your phone number and avoid losing service. Call us at 1.844.680.3922


Can I keep my current phone and phone number? 

Yes, if you migrate to a Data Love plan by 8/31/17. We will establish a new account for you, port your current phone number and set up your existing phone.


-After 8/31/17, you will need to set up a brand new account, with a new number, on a new phone, in order to continue service with Virgin Mobile.

-From 9/1/17 - 9/30/17 we are offering a LG Tribute HD for $1. To learn about this offer, call us at 1.888.322.1122. You will need to identify yourself as a Data Done Right/Custom customer and also provide the email adress on your account.



Does moving from Data Done Right to a Virgin Mobile Data Love plan change my billing cycle?

Yes, your new billing cycle will begin the day you start your new Data Love plan.


What about my account balance?

Any funds left on the account can be transfered if you call 1.844.680.3922 by 8/31/17, to apply a credit to your new Virgin Mobile plan. After 8/31/17 funds will be forfeited, per the Terms and Conditions.





We understand that you may have questions about the end of our Data Done Right plan, and what that means for you, your phone and your service. We've assembled key info in this post, but if you have further questions about your account, feel free to reach out to the Virgin Mobile Customer Experience team


…on Facebook Messenger:






…or via Twitter DM:






-The VM Community Team



Why did I receive an offer to change my Virgin Mobile service from my Data Done Right plan to a Virgin Mobile Data Love plan? Can I just keep my Data Done Right plan?

We've updated our offers to provide the best value to our customers. As part of this offer refresh, we’re discontinuing the Data Done Right plan. All Data Done Right customers must switch to a Virgin Mobile Data Love plan before 5/31/17 to avoid losing serviceBut don’t worry—we can set you up on a new plan with even more of the things you love.


Want to buy a new phone? Great! Check your email for a great offer, or go to


Prefer to keep your phone? No problem. Give us a call at 1.844.680.3922 and we’ll switch you over to a Data Love plan in just a few minutes.


Does moving from Data Done Right to a Virgin Mobile Data Love plan change my billing cycle?

Most likely. Your new billing cycle will begin the day you start your new Data Love plan.


Can I keep my current phone number?

In most cases, your phone number can be transferred to your new phone for use with your Virgin Mobile Data Love plan. If your number is eligible for transfer, you'll need to keep your Data Done Right service active until the process is complete. You'll also need the following information to complete the transfer process from your Data Done Right phone to your new phone:

• Data Done Right account holder's name and billing address

• Data Done Right account number [same as the phone number] and PIN or password


If you need assistance during this process, reach out to our Customer Care team at 1.844.680.3922.


Do I need to port my phone number when I activate a new phone on a Virgin Mobile Data Love plan or can I get a new number?

It's up to you! We’re happy to set you up with a new phone number or transfer your existing phone number.


What about my account balance?

Any funds left on the account after Data Done Right service ends will be forfeited unless you call Customer Care to apply a credit to your new Virgin Mobile plan.


Hey All!

@Suzan @s0nicfreak @prettypissed @AndroidBuddy

Hope you don't mind that I tagged all of you, I wanted to respond so that everyone could see and get their questions answered. Again, we deeply apologize for the frustrations that you all have. As a consumer myself, I totally get it. Like I stated before, we have run into some system problems and it has made things a little crazy for everyone. Those wait times are pretty intense but its mainly because everyone is trying to get through at once. We kinda had a feeling that this would happen so we tried to prevent it by notifying everyone of the changes back in February and weekly since then. However, going forward, for those who weren't able to get switched over by today, you may experience a break in service BUT your account will not be fully closed. That means you still have a little more time to get your plan switched over to one of the new Data Love options. Systems went back up yesterday so I'm certain that those wait times will decrease after a while, but we do want to say thank you for your patience as we get things squared away for everyone. Please be sure to call us on a phone other than your Virgin Mobile Phone.

You guys are the best, thanks for staying loyal! If you have anymore questions, feel free to reach back out to me. Ill be glad to answer them and provide any updates as I get them. 




Well, BE  If you have not noticed, most folks have said that NO ONE CAN CONTACT anyone at the DDR customer care team, unless you have nothing else to do but be on hold for HOURS AND HOURS ....


I too have not been able to get anyone on the phone, have been put on hold for probably over 18 hours altogether (yesterday I held for over 5 hours, because when a person finally answered the cust care team,  they told me I had to call the number that I WAS ON!  I could not believe it!!  Wow I finally did get to someone I could not understand, who was short and rude with me, although I can understand that, with as many upset people as he must be dealing with, and now both my phones are disabled, I am out money as of last Sat, and I am beyond upset at the way this has been handled.


How is anyone supposed to get this done?????  I have been on hold off and on for FIVE DAYS and a total of EIGHT HOURS.  y phone will be tunred off TOMORROW. 



The last day of my billing cycle IS tomorow, so that doesn't help me. So what are my options if I continue to get no answer at the switch number?

I really wish you guys would just let us do this switch online, or make it automatic.

From the top of an email sent one hour ago:


We’ve extended your plan to end at the conclusion of your May billing cycle. Switch today and save $...


However, AskSteve says "We won't be making any extensions".  This is overwhelmingly confusing.  I finally hung up after being on hold for 1 hour and 5 minutes.  If my phone still works tomorrow I guess maybe I'll try calling on my lunch hour.  It might be helpful if we all knew the hours for customer service at VM's "keep my current phone" number sent out via emails.


I couldn't agree more... was on the phone waited an hour yesterday, its now 5/30 been on the phone shrs  called another number spoke with a rep who told me i can only swap out the plan...err switch plans pay difference etc.... at the 1-[***personal info removed***]... sadly was on the phone for 4 ungodly annoying hrs and got rudely disconnected tried to call using the cell again all to recieve a msg stating my service is either no plan avail or is suspended...WTF..???? already paid $30 on 5/23 and got a msg saying its good till 6/23 but my service is supposed to terminate on 5/31...? why is it so hard to get somone to pick up at the other end of the call? now calling from the house phone...been on sine 6pm..its now 7....are hours closed? lacking ppl? what...?


Hey @s0nicfreak,

We wont be making any extensions however, the deadline is based off of your bill date. For example, if your billing cycle ends on the 15th of every month, then you have until the 15th to get switched over. Yes the end of DDR is tomorrow, but if your billing cycle doesn't end tomorrow, then you have a little more time if you haven't moved over to a new plan yet.I hope this helps. Shoot me back a reply if you have any other questions. Thanks




Soooo are you guys going to extend the deadline since everyone couldn't get switched over yet or are we just screwed? 


Hey Community!

As some of you may know, we have a tool that has been down the past few days. Unfortunately, this has caused some repeat call volume on the Data Done Right customer transition to Data Love. [Major bummer for us all.] However, we wanted to share a bit of good news with you — the tool is now up and running again! We’re back on track, family. 

That being said, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused! We are doing all that we can to ensure that things like this don’t happen in the future.  Due to the issue that occurred, we may see heavier volumes for the next few hours — which will result in longer wait times.

Please know that our team is working as quickly as possible to respond to all of your questions, both online and via phone. We understand your frustration, and we will return today with further updates regarding this situation. We appreciate your patience in advance! 


The Virgin Mobile USA Team

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