Customer Service Complaint


Re: Customer Service Complaint

Hey there @parkerpn. Thank you for bringing this up to our attention. We sincerely apologize for the difficulties you're experiencing. If they're requesting the name to be on the account, we need to change the information on the account until you process the claim. Now, where you able to process the claim?



~ Joy P.

Customer Service Complaint

I recently file an insurance claim and I was informed by the company both by email and phone that in order to complete the claim I needed to provide some forms of documentation. Since the documentation requested was in someone else's name, they (the insurance company) said that I could call customer service and that person as an "authorized user" to my account. This seem like it would be a simple task, however it has been a complete nightmare. I have spoken with 2 different Boost mobile reps via phone where 1 transferred just transferred me to the insurance company and the other completely changed the name to my account all together. I spoke with the insurance company 2x with 2 different reps saying I just need to get the added  for the documentation.  Then I spoke with someone via the chat who just verified that I had phone insurance and said that I didn't need to add a line since I "already filed my claim",  which I already knew. Then, to make it more frustrating, the agent quickly said "have a nice day" in the chat before even making sure if the issue was truly resolved. This isn't the time that I had to file an insurance for a damaged phone but this by far has been my worst experience with Boost. I have been at this for about  hours and no one has been able to either give me the desired results or have the knowledge to help my complete my insurance claim. I'm so frustrated and disappointed with the service, especially since I wasted most of my morning trying to complete just one task. 

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