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Customer Care has scammed me out of $300


Re: Customer Care has scammed me out of $300

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Customer Care has scammed me out of $300

Virgin Mobile Order #1 10/19Virgin Mobile Order #1 10/19VIrgin Mobile Return Shipping Order 1 10/23/19VIrgin Mobile Return Shipping Order 1 10/23/19Virgin Mobile Order #1 Shipping Confirmation 10/21/19Virgin Mobile Order #1 Shipping Confirmation 10/21/19Virgin Mobile Order #2 10/19/19Virgin Mobile Order #2 10/19/19Virgin Mobile Order #2 Cancellation 10/19/19Virgin Mobile Order #2 Cancellation 10/19/19

On Saturday (Oct 19) morning, my wife dropped her phone in the sink. Fearing that it would need to be replaced and I would need to purchase a new one, I bought a Moto G7 handset from Virgin's website for $140. Thinking "I might as well get one for myself as well." I purchased a second phone in a separate order immediately after. That evening, my wife's phone recovered well enough from a day sitting in rice to become operable again, and I called Customer Care to cancel BOTH orders that same evening. I received only once cancellation email, but was assured that both had been cancelled.

On Monday (Oct 21) I received a confirmation email noting that my phone had been shipped out (the order that had clearly not been cancelled). I checked with my bank and sure enough, where I previously had two pending charges for $140, I now had only one posted charge (the cancelled order having fallen off immediately). I figured this was a mistake on Virgin's part, but I was not concerned, and was willing to go with the flow and get the new phone I paid for. On Wednesday (Oct 23) the phone is scheduled to arrive via FedEx. At 1600 hours, the phone has still not been delivered, I checked the tracking number on the package to find out it had been "returned to shipper at shipper's request" before delivery. I called FedEx, who informed me that I would need to contact the shipper (Virgin Mobile). 

I call VM Customer Care and I will bullet point the conversation to save time.

-The Agent confirms that I ordered two phones, but insists that both orders were cancelled on the same day. I refute this, noting that I only got one cancellation email, only one pending charge was removed from my account, and the second phone was shipped all the way to my city before being intercepted. Agent tells me I am being unreasonable and must be mistaken.

-When pressed for a resolution, the Agent says that there is "nothing he can do" about the phone already on its way back to VM or the $140 charge to my account for it. Agent states "Let's get you another phone." and puts me on hold for five (5) minutes.

-During that hold, I recieve a fraud alert from Capital One asking me if I had just made a purchase with my Paypal account (the account linked to my VM account) for $140 originating from outside the US. Livid, I get the Agent back on the phone and ask him directly if he just used my payment instrument on file to attempt to purchase a phone. He states "Yes, of course." I am furious. Agent does not seem to understand that he has grossly mishandled my personal information by charging my account without my knowledge or permission.

-I demand to speak to a supervisor, as now I have two separate issues. VM has taken possession of the phone I already paid for, and now I have their representative sifting through my personal accounts making unauthorized purchases. Supervisor Mike joins the call. He attempts to downplay the gross negligence of his Agent, and states "that NO ONE in the company can refund my money" for 7-10 business days FROM THE DATE THE PHONE IS RETURNED TO VM (and additional 4-5 days for return shipping). I am apopleptic. Mike goes on to state that he will "discuss with his agent" why what he did was wrong, but offers no measure of solice or compensatory gesture to me. Mike's solution to the issue of my missing phone and the charge for it is to wait patiently for about 14 days "and it will certainly be refunded to you". In summation, Mike wants me to trust that VM (who made the mistake of not handling my order correctly in the first place) will eventually return my money (but not the phone I paid for), and will not punish the employee that attempted to defraud me.

--Today (Friday Oct 25) my Paypal account was charged $140 by Virgin Mobile. I have made no such purchase and have spoken to no one after being rushed off the phone on Wednesday with no resolution to my concerns. I still do not have the phone I paid for, I am still out the orginal $140 for that transaction, and now I have been charged an additional $140 by Customer Care TWO DAYS LATER after all assurances that this EXACT THING would not happen. This absolutely will not stand. I have included relevant supporting documents and can provide anything missing, but this needs to be addressed.