Can't Retrieve PIN


Re: Can't Retrieve PIN

Hi there, @JanelleL. Sorry to hear that. Please send us a private message with the phone number and if you have a case number, also that number. We'd love to verify.


Can't Retrieve PIN

I forgot my Boost Mobile account PIN and have no service on my phone (most likely due to water damage-I have tried many things to try to regain service but nothing has worked), so I cannot reset my PIN via a text sent to my phone from Boost Mobile. I also cannot remember the date I activated my Boost Mobile account, so I cannot reset my PIN that way. I went into a Boost Mobile location the other day and was told by the employee to send an email to with a photo of my government ID, account name, and address in order to reset my PIN, but haven't gotten a reply (the email was sent at 12:37 PM PST on June 23). What should I do to recover my PIN?