Call and text history


Re: Call and text history

Hi Dalebeldson74!


You can view the phone numbers you've called and texted as well as the date and time they were sent up to 60 days in the past.  Though most numbers will be available, we can't guarantee that you'll see them all. Details such as embedded pictures or contents of text messages are not available online or by request.  If you need to keep records of texts, there are several apps available from the Google Play and the Apple Store.



Call and text history

Hi there,, I have a few questions before I renew my service. I am wondering why my call history online does not show a lot of incoming calls? Also, my text messaging history is completely empty. How can I get an accurate call/text history for last 30 days? If I upgrade my plan, will the call/text history work better and be more accurate? Thanks.