Re: Boostup!

Hello there @raroneck, thank you for your message. Please be advised that once a customer enters the BoostUP Installment Agreement, the loan must be paid back in full, then you will qualify for BoostUP again, If you still meet the payment history requirement (at least 12 consecutive payments on time), you can buy an upgrade with BoostUp. If you’re still eligible and pay off your existing BoostUp balance, you will need to wait 72 hours in order for all systems to be updated with your info before you place a new BoostUp! Order.



I have been a Boost customer for 7+ years. I opted to purchase a new phone 7/2018 through Boostup!. All payments were made on time and I made the final payment of the agreement on 8/2018. I have always paid my monthly service fees on time. I was thinking of purchasing a new phone but am apparently unable to do so using the Boostup! program again since the option is unavailable to me. Are long time customers, who have always paid on time, only eligible once to purchase a new phone via Boostup! ?