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Re: Boostup

Hi there, Larryjr!

1. You can use the phone purchased with the BoostUP! in your account. The contract will remain in the primary account. You don't change SIM cards, the device information has to be updated in the account.

2. The phone does not have to be traded in.

3. It can be used on another line.  



I have looked through all the FAQ, the community forums, the support area and can't seem to find much information on Boostup besides the basic and easy stuff like down payment length of time and the amount. Seems simple but still have questions can't find answers to. Hopefully can get some help here.
1. My wife's number is the primary number but my phone is the one that blew up (literally) so my question is can I use my sim card so it's my phone number on the new Boostup phone?
3. ‎Does her old phone have to be traded in?
4. ‎if her old phone doesn't have to be traded in it can be used on another line right.?
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