Boost up! Checkout issue


Re: Boost up! Checkout issue

Hi there, @Atotten114. So sorry about the hassle. There are certain requirements in order to process an order successfully. Here are some of them:


* Shipping Address must match the Billing address on the card, and on the account as well.
* We do not ship to P.O Boxes.
* Your address should be verified by USPS. Please visit this link:!input.action and enter your address. If it doesn't show up here, the order won't go through.

*Please clear the cookies and cache from your browser (or use a different browser), and try it again.


If this doesn't fix your issue, we can only recommend you to use a different card. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you. 


Boost up! Checkout issue

So im trying to purchase a new phone using Boost Up! but am having trouble completing checkout. I put all my info in on my husbands plan (the primary) and it just got stuck. So then i fogured maybe it needed to match the name on the account. So we put his info in the contract and used his card and it still doesn't work. We get all the way to th end and when we click "complete checkout" we just get the loading animation forever and it never completes. We've let it sit an entire hour and it still never finishes.
Anyone else have this issue?

(Could it be that I'm choosing expedited shipping for a hawaii address???)
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