Boost can’t migrate Virgin


Re: Boost can’t migrate Virgin

Good morning, Hyseas! We deeply apologize for the poor experience you've had!


To investigate this matter in-depth and better help you, please send me a private message including:


- The phone number and PIN from the account we'll be working with.


- The MEID from the equipment we need to set up.


Let's do our best effort to correct this situation!




Boost can’t migrate Virgin

As a retired telecomm professional, I assured our dear friend that moving her Android phone from Virgin Mobile to Boost Mobile was a short and simple task. Her only requirement – she must maintain her same phone number because of family medical issues, doctors, appointments, billing, family, etc. and because it’s her ONLY phone. Reading this forum, I assured her this was not an issue. But then came Boost’s “David”. After assuring me that he was qualified to do a Virgin to Boost migration, he has managed to lose the number and lock the phone so that neither Boost or Virgin can save it along with its phone number. After over six hours being passed from Boost to Virgin and then Virgin to Boost – over five times back and forth – the nightmare was explained this way: David has managed to re-SKU the phone from Virgin to Boost, and then cancelled the Virgin account without ever migrating the number. Boost’s only solution is for me to ask Virgin to reactivate the account. However, Virgin can’t reactivate the account because the phone has a SKU as a Boost device. And neither Boost or Virgin can re-SKU the phone back to Virgin. And neither Boost or Virgin CSAs will talk to each other (even though they are held in common by Sprint). Instead they send their customer with “messages” to each other. So now this individual has NO working phone and NO phone number. What a complete and total disaster.