Boost Upgrade should be called existing customer upcharge


Boost Upgrade should be called existing customer upcharge

I went in a Boost Mobile store today to inquire about purchasing a new phone (LG Stylo 6). I asked the representative about the listed prices which were ;

Non-switcher - 129.00
Upgrade - 179.99

The representative told me "the non-switcher price was for someone who didn't have an active line, and the upgrade was a promotion for existing customers eligible for an upgrade."

Im confused that my benefit or "Upgrade" (Per Boost) for being a loyal customer was that Im expected to pay 40% more then a non-existant customer.

I told him Id prefer to purchase the non-switcher phone, and activate it at a later date, but the representative said "Thats not possible". I expressed my frustration about the promotion to the representative , and then decided to just purchase the phone @ the upgrade rate of (179.99). He took my information, and then proceeded to tell me there would be an additional $25 fee for activation.

What kind of nonsense is telling an existing customer they dont qualify for the cheaper publicly ADVERTISED rate because they already have an active line, and then when I agree to the ridiculous marketing scheme, they attempt to tack on more fees (60%) MORE for existing customers then npn-customers????

Boost is terrible for the run around on customer service, and their deceptive marketing and promotions.

They dont seem to care how they treat their customers, and Im not sure if Id recommend being loyal to Boost when they dont actually care about loyal customers.

Any company willing to sell out existing customers to gain new customers isnt worth doing business with.