Boost Mobile has been an atrocious experience

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Boost Mobile has been an atrocious experience

Late Jan. I decide to buy a Galaxy S10e from Boost Mobile's website in preparation for the migration because I was told the transfer will happen by Feb. I read that I can transfer early by calling the number on BM's website; also they had the Valentine's Day deal going on for Android phones. Felt like the right time.

I am told that I can transfer now instead of waiting but I would lose any balance left on the account and I would be reverted to 3gb for $35. (the FAQ page makes no mention of losing anything transfering early.) Annoyed because I would rather keep that 10gb for $35 that VM has given me. I was told to wait until Feb. 16th and that I would be automatically transferred.  Annoyed and was told to just wait. Fine.

I notice that on the website the S10e has dropped by $100, and plus the Valentine's Day discount it would have cost me after taxes $437. I paid $613. I was so annoyed that not even a week later the price dropped dramatically. I should have known because the new S20's and maybe S10 Lite are coming but I didn't wanna miss out on the discount, but little did I know they would drop the price. I called I was told "sorry, nothing we can do" bascially.

I was advised to return it, but because nothing was wrong with the device I had only 7 days to return it and if I wanna take advantage of the current phone price I have to have money in my account right at that moment to buy it again because the discount is only available until 2/17. However I also have to pay for shipping the item back; as well as waiting up to 14 business days for the money to go back on my card. It just doesn't work, there is no way for me to get this working. The agent can't refund the difference or even give me some kind of Boost Mobile credit or something. Well at least I can use my phone on the 16th...

16th rolls around. No text/email about the transfer. I call BM again. I was told that I have already been transferred, but not fully... I have to wait until the end of MARCH to be migrated completely. Because I guess all VMU users should be migrated by then and they are "doing it one user at a time." Are you kidding me?

I get spanked for the pricing, customer service agents that don't know what they are talking about. Giving me conflicting information and telling me to wait constantly. One agent tells me that if I transfer now I would 3gb for $35; but another agent says it would be 6gb for $35. What?

Why is there no transparency on how this is working? I get no communication telling me about the migration status to any extent. I can't even get product support through the website because I'm asked for account information but I can't give any of that information because I technically don't have an account yet. How am I supposed return the product or see the status of a order if I can't sign in? I can't even use the Live Chat feature on Boost Mobile.

This is so stupid. I wish I never had any interaction with Amazon Customer Service because Amazon has spoiled me with their services and return policies. At this point I don't even wanna be a part of Boost Mobile. Yes, maybe I went into it too fast, but I would not expect such terrible communication and poorly trained agents just giving me details that I can read from the website. :expressionless_face: