Auto reboost!!!


Re: Auto reboost!!!

Hi, dikshikgon. This is not a live chat. Response time depends on our agent’s availability. We're sorry if you've experienced a problem while speaking with any of our customer care specialists located in the U.S. or abroad. As a global organization, Boost Mobile typically works with vendors worldwide and, no matter where a specialist is located, we're committed to ensuring that our specialists provide the highest level of customer service.  Looks like we’ll need to do some investigating. Can you private message us your phone number and pin so that we can verify your account first? Thanks!


Auto reboost!!!

Is it true if my bill is due tonight December 8th money will be taken out around 11:59 pm?i just signed up for this after i paid my last bill in November. I called boost but the lady was rude & hardly spoke English.also no answer from boost Twitter or Facebook Messenger after waiting 2 hours.hope they take my money out so i don't do without phone service.i don't like their customer service much especially when there is a language barrier