Account canceled?

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Re: Account canceled? - yes after 60 days



It does sound like your account has been canceled.  If you miss 2 monthly payments in a row (60 days), your account will cancel and you will lose any remaining balance and you'll lose your Boost phone number.  You should have some text messages from Boost, if you didnt erase them, as to whenyour last paymentwas made and another as to when your last payment was due.  As long as you still have the phone, you can reactivate it. Boost charges a $10 reactivation fee for any phone that has been used before.


If you try to use your re boost card on yourold number, it will most likly eat your funds.  You should activate your phone here and choose I am a new customer and want to activate my Boost Mobile device., and follow the prompts.  You can pay the monthly fee and the re-activation device fee withyour re boost card.


After 60 days it is not usually possible to keep your old number.  If you want to try, 

Call Boost Mobile's Customer Care line at 866-402-7366 and explain to the customer service representative that your account has been canceled for more than 60 days due to inactivity. The representative will determine if your phone number is still available. If it isn't, you'll need to register for a new account and get a new phone number.


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Account canceled?

I tried logging into my Boost Mobile account, but I get an error saying something was wrong. I tried using the account section of the Boost Zone app and it gives me a "temporarily unavailable". I've been tight on money, so I haven't paid the bill in a month or 2, is there anyway I could find out the status of my account, if I can still get it back in service.

Could my account and number been canceled because I haven't done a payment after so long?

Also I have a reboost card, if I tried adding money to the account would I get service again or would I loose my money