90 day pre owned phone return questions?


Re: 90 day pre owned phone return questions?

Hello, crashbanecoot! We're happy to assist you. 90 day Limited Replacement Warranty coverage begins on your date of activation. Did you check your Spam/Junk folder? Most of the times, our e-mails go to that folder. Also, you can return the phone within 7 days of purchase for a full refund.


If you have any other question or concern, just let us know.

90 day pre owned phone return questions?

Hello, I just had some questions:
1. How long until the executors of the return policy send me the email with the address to send the phone to? They said it would take 30 minutes but it's been about 3 hours and still no email. Or can I just send it to the address listed in the policy? I know I can call them again but i spent 80 minutes collectively on hold today so I was hoping there was an easier way.
2. Do i have to make a 90 day warranty claim when the phone was damaged when i received it? The certified pre owned galaxy s7 edge works perfectly except for the microphone doesn't work, which makes it useless as a phone. Is there a way to "return" it rather than make a warranty claim?

Thank you in advance!
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