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Question Do the shipping and billing address of my order have to match? I want to ship my new phone to a different address.  The website says that the shipping and billing address have to be identical.  Answer  For security purposes, the shipping and billing address of your order must match.   Question My billing address is a P.O.. box.  Can I have my new phone shipped there? Answer Phones cannot be shipped to a P.O. Box. You may update your Billing Address in your My Boost account and then order your phone.  A street address is required.   Question There's a mistake in the shipping address of my order, I forgot to include my apartment number.  How can I correct it? Answer If you have made a mistake on your shipping address and the order has not yet processed, a Boost Care specialist may be able to assist.  Please create a thread or contact Boost Customer Care for assistance.  If the order has already processed and you've received a shipping confirmation, the address cannot be updated.  
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