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Question How can I change my phone number? Answer Login in to your account you should be able to change it there go to  Settings, Change Phone Number . Provide a Zip Code in order to get the area code .   --------  Having trouble? @Ladyequinoxx gave us this hint:   Try changing the zip code on the website just make sure the zip code you pick keeps the same area code that you wish to have. For example:  If you try 08104 for an 856 area code and that does not work, try another like 08002 which gives an 856 area code but is from another city.    ----- From an iPhone, to reset the network: You need to go to your phone dial pad and dial  ##873283# and then talk/call. This is only for iphones you will get a reset network message and another saying complete or something just say YES or Ok to both of them. I created a topic called Changing phone # on iphone for does that don't know the pin Hope i was able to help you. Have wonderful holiday 🙂
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