Virgin Mobile or Sprint customers who want to bring their phone number to Boost may encounter an error  "Your phone number is not eligible for porting" when trying to activate online.



Because Sprint owns both Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile, the numbers can't be ported from one brand to another, instead we call this an account migration.


If you would like to bring your Virgin Mobile or Sprint phone number to Boost mobile, a Social Care agent here on Community can assist you.   Social Care agents can be identified by the badge next to their name BstSocialCareAgentMd 


You may either send a private message directly to an agent, join an existing discussion, or create a new post in our Account Questions forum.  Just tell us that you would like to migrate your number and we'll be happy to help!



Please note:  If you have an iPhone that you are converting from a Virgin Mobile or Sprint to a Boost account, you must disable Find My iPhone before you will be able to perform the account migration.


You may also contact Boost Mobile Support at 1-866-402-7366



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