wanna know who paid my bill


wanna know who paid my bill

my bill was paid and i wanna know who paid ifor it
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Hi @Lowkey_420,


That is not always possible.  People can make anonymous payments to Boost Accounts.  You can go to a store and just give the clerk the phone number you want to add money to, you do not 'need' the account PIN to just make a payment.  Also people can go to the website here, https://www.boostmobile.com/primary/guest-replenish and do the same thing.


That is kool that someone paid money to your account.  Be thankful!


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Hello Lowkey_420:


Unfortunately there is no way to know who payed your phone bill. You will receive a text message showing there was a paiment added to the account but even if you call they can't or know who payed it especially if it was payed with cash.

You can call and verify if you like 🙂

Hey maybe your boyfriend, family memeber or hey it can be a blessing.

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