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sim card

My LGLS740 volt died. I love the phone, getting a replacement, same phone. Can I swap sim card and good to go ? I did it 2 phones ago, can I still do that? My new phone (through insurance) is coming. I just want to go forward hardly missing a beat. I want to keep my number and all that.


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Hello wutz4tea:


The new volt that you will receive should come with a new sim card so you don't have to swap sims. Usually with boost the sim that the phones comes with is specifically for that device unless you call boost mobile and they do a change on it for what ever reason. Once your new phone arrive you can login to "my account" and swap divices or you can call it in so they can do the process for you. With that said yes you would keep the same number/services its just swap from the old phone to the new one. Remember boost is no like tmobile that you can take your sim out and pop in anyother tmobile device dont work like that love. 

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