payments and billing


payments and billing


On November 1st my mom tried to buy me an iPhone 6s plus. as we were trying to put in their credit card information. they said the card was declined. me and my mom both knew there was money on the card so we did it again. and the same things happened again. so we did it about two more times. it was said declined. so at this point me and my mom gave up. So the next morning. my mom tells me that took the money off her card, and now the payment is pending. its 7 days and its still pending, and when we go to check the order on boostmoblie website. there's no order. and Ps they have me and my mom old address, and when we did it we out in are new address


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Re: payments and billing

Hello and thanks for reporting this matter!


On behalf of Boost Mobile, please accept my sincere apologies for all the trouble this has caused to you and your mother as I understand how difficult this situation is.


To better help you with this matter, I would need to get your permission to send you a private message so then I would ask you for the details that I need to better work this out.


I'll be looking forward to your reply back!