cannot purchase phone online


cannot purchase phone online

I have a rural physical address where I live at and there is no mailbox there so I have always had a PO Box at the post office in town. My bank card is attached to this PO Box address because of this. I have been a Boost customer for a long time and I am trying to order the Apple Iphone SE 64GB and it was giving me a message that there was an error but no specific error message attached. I finally got ahold of an operator that told me because I updated some account info, I had to wait 24 hours for the account to update. I waited 2 days then attempted again with the overnight option and again it would not go thru. I just called and the operator told me she could do it over the phone so I gave her all the info and she asked if the billing and payment address was the same so I told her no that it was my work address where I was trying to receive the phone at. She then said she could not do the transaction and that I needed to call my bank and change the address with the bank to match the address on file with Boost so I can be able to purchase this phone otherwise I am out of luck. I am not trying to step up installment payments, I am paying the total for the phone. I do not understand why I am not able to purchase a phone with Boost whom I have had for approx. 10 years now but I can make my Re-boost monthly payment with the same bank card!


Re: cannot purchase phone online

So sorry about the trouble, sanj. In order to successfully process your order, we require that your shipping address and billing address be identical. We will only ship to your billing address. We cannot ship to a PO Box address.