auto-boost when having a balence in the account


auto-boost when having a balence in the account

I have auto-boost which takes the money out of my bank account automatically. by bill is usally $50 plus tax. I signed up for boost deals which puts $5 into my boost account every month. My account page showed that it was there and that this month my auto-boost was only going to be $45 plus tax how ever I was still charged $50 plus tax and the $5 Is still showing in my boost account instead of being deducted Why


If there is insufficient balance on the account, the plan charges, including taxes and surcharges, will be automatically charged to the saved payment option, if the account is enrolled in Auto Pay.

I am having the same issue. I wonder if the system is only programmed to see the specific amount and if that number doesn't match it resorts to charging the credit card the full amount? Once we collect enough $5 credits to cover the bill it will use it at that time and not charge our credit card. Essentially you won't pay one month of service every 6 months on a $30 a month plan or every 10 months on a $50 a month plan. I could be wrong but this is the only thing that i could think of as to why I'm not getting my $5 credit applied to my monthly bill while on auto- boost. It would be nice to get a clear answer on this though.

If you want to use the balance from uour account you need to make a manual paymeny so that it will be sufficient for your monthly plan. And if there'ssufficient balance to cover the monthly plan your automatic pay will not going to kick in on your monthly due date.


@abbyrmro  is correct.  You MUST make a manual payment.

Beacuse like the terms read"I had enough money in my account to cover my monthly payment (or part of my monthly payment). Why did you charge my credit card for the full plan amount?

If you're set up on Auto Re-BoostSM, the entire cost of your monthly plan is automatically charged to your credit or debit card each month. Any money you have in your account balance can be used for services that aren't covered in your monthly plan, such as ringtone or game purchases, international calls, etc."


But The way it is worded it says that 'the system' with charge you no matter what, even if you have more than enough funds in your account.


Which is reiterated here;

"If you are enrolled in the Monthly AutoPay option, the following applies to you:

You will be automatically charged for any monthly recurring charges, bolt-ons, and add-ons, plus any applicable sales and local taxes, every month on your payment due date."