Worst Customer Service Ever


Worst Customer Service Ever

Several months ago ( thats how long I've been dealing with this problem. ) I found SIX charges from boost mobile on my credit card. It was suppose to be TWO ( two lines ) I called , waited on hold 4-ever ! finally got the Bombay office.  Rep told me she couldn't help remove the extra charges. I needed to go to my bank and file a "chargeback", which I did.  A month later the charges came off.  A few weeks later my Boost accounts were suspended !,  Locked out  !.  I couldn't call them, they shut off my phones, no notice, no warning.  So I went to a local Boost store.  Girl tried to be helpful, she said she had to call Boost as she was locked out of my account too. Again we waited 4-ever ! This time we got the New Delhi office. Told the 2nd rep the strory, he says I made a fraud complaint so he can do nothing ! What ? I ask for his supervisor, ( probably the guy in the next cube ) He tells me because I filed a chargeback they suspended my accounts. Their rep TOLD ME to do that ! He tells me I have to pay a "fee" of $25 each line. I argue, no good, won't budge. I ask for HIS manager ( guy in next cube ) This manager says he's the top guy ! WOW, I should get somewhere now, right ? Wrong ! He tells me he will waive the $25 fee and credit my account AFTER I pay it !  Ok, I just got a parking ticket cause this is taking so long. ( More than an hour )  Fine, I'll pay it. I give the girl the $50 for the two lines and she cant credit it cause the accounts are suspended. The Boost " Manager"  says " oh, well then you need to go to a store and buy a Boost Re-Up card then call us back" Are you insane !  He says he cant unlock the account till I pay it but I cant pay it until he unlocks the friggin account !  I stormed out of there and went down the street to Cricket. In and out in fifteen minutes. Now I need to get my numbers back, very important to my business contacts. And the credit for the service I paid for that they cut off !  If they had a US based customer service I might have been able to talk reason with them. but no.  Sub contracting customer service overseas isnt worth the $$$ they will lose from FED UP customers like me. And Ive been with Boost for YEARS 


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Sir, the issue was fixed it?