Unable to activate sim card online


Unable to activate sim card online

When I try to activate my base plan of $50 unlimited 4g LTE high speed from my account home, there is a message that reads:

Your Service has been interrupted.

If services are not made current by 01/15 your account will be canceled and you will lose your phone number and current account balance.

My monthly charge is $50, and I have a $50 account balance, which I have been charged twice for without being accounted for the second one. It says that $50 is due, and I have the $50 in my account. I click the "Pay Now" button, and it redirects me to a screen reading:

Something went wrong, please try again.

You can also visit a Boost store to shop, pay your bill, activate a phone or get personalized assistance.


I also tried calling the self service line, and it tells me that I have to pay $50, and I have $0.00 remaining that I owe. So it should be paid for, I'm confused as to why my phone still does not have service with the sim card in it.

I would really appreciate if this could be resolved ASAP, i have read about similar incidents to this and they all have been solved through a Boost staff member. Thank you.


Hey there, !claytonisdrums! So sorry about this. We will definitely look into it. Can you please send us the account info via a private message for further assistance? Thanks.