Slow data


Slow data

So i pay 50 dollars a month for what? Unlimited Data? Pssh never heard of it.
No streaming videos on
Hell even the Chrome Browser...
**bleep** I cant even download apps on my phone.

Now im basically walking around with a touch screen flip phone in my pocket while im payin my hardearned cash for a plan that claims to give me unlimited data..

Seriously Boost. Someone needs to turn these people in cause this is obviously a scam. There is no way in hell youre supposed to not render a service for something that has already been paid for.

Before you ask yes ive dialed ##72786# and reset my entire network. Nothing. Ive put my phone in airplane mode and turned it off and turned it back on. Still nothing.

So what the **bleep**?

Re: Slow data

@6ix006ix6ix I understand your frustration. Could you please send us a private message? - E..J.