Service Interrupted


Service Interrupted


I recently bought a new phone from Boost and received it 2 days later but I could not activate it on the same day that I received it because my check hadn't come in so I was late on activating.

I activated the phone without paying the plan I added for and everything was fine.
Today I bought the re-boost card to pay for the plan that I got but it says that my service was Interrupted and every time I got to pay it gives me an error.

I have the amount In my account but it won't take it. And I really have no clue what to do, i tried putting the information online and through the phone ( ####) and (#233) but neither of them worked PLEASE HELP 😞


Re: Service Interrupted

.my services are Interrupted and my bill was paid on Jan 28 and today is Feb 12 I'm a VIP member for one so I normally get the 14day grace period. I can not call due to it being after hours so no I'm sitting here with no phone and my bill isn't even due at this time I'm beyond pissed off. I see IMA ha e to go to metro or something