Please do better providing information on migrating from Virgin Mobile


Please do better providing information on migrating from Virgin Mobile

I am making this a topic in the hopes that the issue will be seen and passed up the chain to someone who can take action to address it.


I do not intend my tone to be confrontational, but B.M. really needs to do better at facilitating those migrating from Virgin Mobile.


1. The forum is chock-full of posts asking this question.  And they tend to have many views, suggesting many people are trying to do this (and it's likely the numbers will grow due to Virgin's switch to  iPhone-centric service).

2. There appears to be nothing in the customer service phone menu that addresses this, and no obvious way to speak to a person (but you knew that part already).

3. There appears to be nothing on the website that addresses this, except the bold-text assertion: "All phones come with: Keep your phone number."  Yes, please, that's what I want to do.

4. The forum support indicates that the user should PM an admin, but as far as I can see, you have to pick a specific employee to PM rather than to whomever is on duty.  What if the employee I PM happens to be on days off?


5. Oh, almost forgot, I went to a B.M. "premier store", where the employees were simply unwilling to help me migrate (for anyone considering this option, don't waste your time).  I was told I should just get a new number, it's too difficult to keep the old one.  Then I was told to call the customer service line, which as noted above, doesn't seem to have anything related to migrating.  Finally, I was told what I believe is probably the truth: employees make their money on commissions, and no one wants to let potential commissions go by while they are helping you with something tedious that doesn't pay them any bonuses.  They weren't overtly rude, but they definitely left me clueless as to what to do next.


It should not be so difficult for someone to become your customer, particularly when they are actively trying.  People considering Boost Mobile should know to expect this experience, and surely word will get around.  People talk.


Again, not trying to be unreasonable here, but this concerns me.  The B.M-locked phone I bought represents a significant investment for me, and I need to have confidence that the company is able to deliver at least marginally-functional customer service. Otherwise I need to find an alternative provider, and return this phone before the return period expires.


When I read posts like this, I generally think "Why would anyone waste so much time composing such a post.  They must have nothing better to do."  As I said above, I hope this moves up the chain to the point where action can be taken, because bad PR is sometimes the only way issues get attention and get fixed.


Please help us become your customers.

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Re: Please do better providing information on migrating from Virgin Mobile

First of all, @johns-magnet, I'm very sorry it took so long to get a response to this message.


This is a valid suggestion that would definitely benefit lots of people.  I've added it to our list of needed documents.

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