No service since 12/06/2017


No service since 12/06/2017

I filed an insurance claim on Dec. 6 2017 and have had the the absolute worst experience with you all since. My replacement phone was sent to the wrong address. Turns out that even though I handed my drivers license over to the boost rep. and verbally repeated my address she still got it wrong. When i asked about it and what i should do i was advised the claims agent the quickest way to retrieve it was to ask my neighbor. She was very hostile. I ended having to threaten police involvement. With that she gave me my phone. I updated my address. I was then unable to get the Sim card working. I went to a local boost store and the women there said i had done everything right. They did not know why it was not working. After briefly checking my Sim card online I was handed the store phone and told to give insurance a call back while they openly laughed about Instagram post. More trouble shooting. Then again with another agent and the result was the same. I was told i would have to purchase a new card which I thought was unfair because that is supposed to be included with the insurance but I need my phone... they didn't have one so I gave up. They stared at me shrugging their shoulders. I was told they can't do anything at this point and pointed at another Boost store who may have a SIM card...they did not. It was probably the next day when i call you guys again and explained the situation to yet another agent. She apologized and said another card would be sent out to me and a formal complaint would be made. It is now December 30 2017 and I am still without cell service and I have not received a new sim card. Neither has my angry neighbor. This whole process has been tragic and I am beyond upset. Honestly I cannot believe that this is the service I was paying for. A new billing cycle is coming up and I am expected to keep my end of this deal but I haven't had any service! No calls no text...can't sent or receive. It's the HOLIDAYS I have been trying to keep in touch with people and explain why my carrier is denying me the service I paid for!

Re: No service since 12/06/2017

Oh no! Sorry to hear that, Simmoore. Definitely want to look into this for you. Please send us a private message so we may work directly with you.


You can send a private message by clicking on my name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.