No refund


No refund

Accidently made an over payment on the 16th. When I called customer service she said it'd be back in 48hrs. 48hrs later I called back trying to figure out where it was, I was told the claim was started and will be refunded in 72hrs. Now I get off the phone today (20th) and was told by one service rep 3-5 business days and by the supervisor directly after 8-10 business days. My boost account shows refunded by "i-care" yet my bank has not received any refund. To top it off I have to create an account here in hopes to be heard by someone in corporate?!

Re: No refund

Hello GarretO, 

I'm sorry to hear that you're having this issues and that Boost Mobile is giving you the run around i honestly dont know why they would do that. Hopefully i can help you, from personal experience i know Boost Mobile won't actually refund you the money to your bank account but instead they would leave it on your Boost Mobile account as additional credit towards your next monthly cycle as in the next time the bill is due. If you like you can send me a personal message and i can check your account since i personally am a dealer at a store but if not call Boost Mobile one more time you dont even have to wait for a rep the prompt will tell you the account balance. Hope this helps with the inconvenience you've been having 🙂

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