More customer appreciation for long tims loyalty


More customer appreciation for long tims loyalty

I've been a loyal Boost customer for over 12 years now and have never received anything in the way of appreciation. Now a days even the crap company's reward customer loyalty. Boost I just expected more

Customer appreappreciation badges for loyal and new customers as well...
Boost Mobile MonDays

I've been with Sprint 9 yrs then switched over to BoostMobile for 7 yrs shrink - never missed a payment and I receive nothing.  I ask for promotional discount for loyalty or a better than public price on replacement phones and I'm redirected to website online deals.  I now tell EVERYONE that Boost may be a cheap service but they don't give a **bleep** about their customer base.  Looks like Sprint has never changed.  Sprint is the only carrier that I get reception in my community - both 3/4lte so I'm stuck with a company that would rather take on new customers than to appreciate anyone who stays with them.


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