Migrating from Virgin Mobile to Boost


Migrating from Virgin Mobile to Boost

Can anyone help me get my new iPhone setup? I currently have Virgin Mobile and just received my pretty new Boost iPhone which cannot port. Tia!
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Hey there, Sharon_B! Sorry for the late reply!


To help you with migrating your number from Virgin Mobile to Boost Mobile, please send us a private message including:


- The mobile number and PIN from Virgin.


- The MEID (or IMEI) of the Boost iPhone you wish to set up.


- The name and last name under which the Boost account will be created.


- The 4-digit PIN we'll set for the Boost account.


- The monthly plan you wish to set up.


- Would you like to add phone insurance for $7.00 a month? Very useful in the event you may lose your phone either by misplacing it or theft. It also covers replacement service in the event of water, electrical, or physical damage.


Looking forward to your private message!


RB-1991 (Robert)