Lost all contacts!!!


Lost all contacts!!!

Screen cracked, became unusable, got a new phone. Logged into Gmail on new phone, but no contacts downloaded...why?


This is for my fiance's phone, which is on my family account. Every single time I have purchased a new phone, my contacts were automatically downloaded to my new phone. I've done it at least four times.


This was his first smartphone (and now his second), but I don't understand why his contacts didn't get transferred. The phone number stayed the same. He really needs these numbers for work!!


Re: Lost all contacts!!!

Hi there Amilayn. I am sorry about that. If your fiancé's Gmail account was Sync with his old device, then all his contacts should have been  transferred over to the new phone using the same Gmail account. Now, you may retrieve those contacts if is there a vcard file that holds all your contacts, created. If the device is still operational enough to connect to a computer, you may look up this file and move it to your pc and retrieve those contacts. He can also logging to his Gmail account from a computer and there will be an option that says Contacts. If there is any phone number Sync they will show there as well. Hopefully any of these options will work and your fiancé can get the contacts back.