Issues with unlock policy


Issues with unlock policy

I am new member in BM family. I purchased an iPhone SE on Feb 25 2017 from I was having issues with the network. When i checked with Boost Mobile representatives, they informed me that my home address falls under 4G LTE network area and there should be no issues. I went to Apple Support to check if there was any issue with the phone. Since i am covered by the warranty, apple support replaced the device for me and I got my replacement phone activated on Boost Mobile. When i checked with BM agents on the unlocking policy, they mentioned that any phone should be on BM network for 12 months to get unlocked even if its a replacement. How can it be valid incase of replacement by manufacturer due to device issues. Ideally my account started on Feb 25 2017. So i should be eligible to unlock it after Feb25 2018. It is not an upgrade. It is a replacement due to issues. Please clarify.
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Re: Issues with unlock policy

@Abbasy Good morning! We apologize for the delay in answering you.  Unfortunately, for the device to be unlocked it needs to be active during 12 months, since this start count from the date of activation of the device in the system. We're sorry for the trouble this may cause you.


~ Joy

~ Joy P.