How Do I Switch from $35 to $30?


How Do I Switch from $35 to $30?

I have unlimited talk and text, and 2 GB data monthly for $35 plus tax. Boost has thecsame plan for $30/month. How do I switch to save some money? I can't do it myself online. Who do I contact?


You can try enrolling your account to automatic payment to have the $30 plan ($5 discount because of auto-Reboost)

You can check this link out for reference. reboost#!/support/faq/account-management/re-boost-a... 


To do it by yourself

Login to My Account.

  1. After you login, click on the 'Re-Boost' or 'Add Money' tab and select the link at the bottom of the page to set up automatic payments.
  2. Here you will be able to update your current Auto Re-Boost settings or check the box to un-enroll from Auto Re-Boost.

You can also change or cancel your Auto Re-Boost by dialing #ADD (#233) from your Boost® phone.


or you can call 1-866-402-7366 for General Support


or you can go to this page right here care#!/framework_contact_us/


Hope this helps 😃


Hello Ksternberg:


I agree with @Dartis if you add your credit card you will receive a $5 discount witch will make your payment $30 but boost mobile would have to withdraw this from your card in order to be valid thats honestly the only way.

Boost Mobile was offering a plan of $30 unlimited talk, text and data but with 1GB 4G it only lasted for a little while. That plan is no longer available unless for does that already have it. 🙂

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I was told in Jan. when I got a phone for a friend that really needed one from the store I've dealt with for over 2 1/2 years that the $30 plan no longer exists. I just wanted to get the cheapest plan for this friend because I knew I was paying bill and she just needed basic. But they told me $35 was lowest now. But, I do make her do the Boost Dealz that you have to download and watch videos and do other things. According to what all you do, you can earn up to $20 off your phone bill monthly. They made it harder last month to earn money off, but I earned $6.78 off. Just download Boost Dealz from play store and it explains what you have to do. You have yo earn at least 3000 points, $3.00 or you do not get any money off bill. Hey, every penny helps. Psssst, month before last last, somehow my phone bill was $11.38!! It let me keep earning money and it took it off. Now the 1st month you do it you won't get anything off, but it will kick in the second month and send you a text on the 30th day how much you have earned off. Hope I've helped a little. 😉