Horrible experience all around


Horrible experience all around

Boost Mobile itself as a service sucks!! The worst phone company ive ever dealt with as far as service and coverage. Issue after issue and charges to my account that no one can explain. Boost should give their 800 number a diiferent title because it sure isnt "customer service" . no help there, youll just wait on hold only to be told what CANT be done about whatever issue you have. Thought about switching carriers a few times but was told the issues would be worked out but obviusly helping customers is not what BOOST does so probably will be switching carriers in the very near future. Do your self a favor people BOOST is not worth it. Better to find a carrier that cares about the customer ALL month, not just when its time to post a payment.

Hey there, Riggerkeem! We deeply and sincerely apologize for the poor experience you've had!


To further investigate and resolve this matter, please send us a private message including:


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