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Help Boost

I am experiencing an issue with the Boost Up program, I have been a boost customer since November 2016, I was with sprint prepaid for years but the device selection was so much better at Boost I made the jump but kept my sprint phone and number until February 2017, (what's comes after this is all in my records).
February 2017 I called to have my sprint number moved to Boost and get a new number for my sprint phone, the agent told me no problem and proceeded with a successful activation, when I hung up I realized I had completely forgotten about the sprint phone, I called back and was informed when I "Ported" my number to boost I have up rights and services I was not informed of, I had 13 days left on my Sprint prepaid plan, I was told I gave that up when I ported with boost, I was not informed and they took 8 days to check recorded transcripts, they called me back and confirmed I had not been informed but sprint and boost are different company's and boosts hands were tied but you would take care of me in the future,
Fast forward to May 2017 I awoke to my 2 phone texts stating why can't we get ahead of you at your 9555 number ?
Upon checking my number had been changed overnight online and I had not made this change, 8 days, countless phone calls to boost, countless supervisors telling me I could not retrieve my old number, telling me.I was lying and calling me worse, I finally hit a winner 9 days in, Dennis Supervisor of Supervisors dug in deep, upon exploring IP addresses and other data he was reasonably certain I had not made the change and transferred me to a representative to get my old number back, I was impressed with Dennis and Boost.
I found out about "Boost Up" in December 2017, called and was told I wasn't eligible until February 2018 as I had ported my number in February and the Clock was reset at that point, I told the story of the number change I was not responsible for and the records were wrong, they said I had to wait until February, dissapointed I said OK,
( now here's where it gets interesting)
I called about 10 days ago ( March 9/10 2018 to make my down-payment on a new Samsung Galaxy 8 ,
I was told I want eligible until May 2018,
Inquiring, discussing, explaining the events of the February porting of my number that wasn't my error with the assurance of being taken care of in the future, next we discussed, I explained the events of not changing my number and of Dennis the Super Supervisor fixing it and getting my unretrievable number back, they've told me that even though I gave credit card receipts for Boost payments on time since February 2017 the database system doesn't recognize my loyalty and payment history it only shows a number change in May 2017, which makes me ineligible for March, today, tomorrow or next week when I've done everything correctly Boosts database system won't allow me to "Boost. Up" I was offered alternative financing but my credit is poor and wound qualify, I'm certain,
If my credit report were to be checked it would reflect one consistency, my 2 Androids, we're purchased cash new, and If there's only one type of Bill that has never been late, always paid no matter what is Sprint and Boost, I belong to GitHub, part of Google's Open-Source, Androids are my life when not at work,
Have I neglected a few bills in the past ? Yes
Have I been patient and understanding of mistakes made on my account and records
Do I have receipts back to February 2017 showing payments made to boost mobile for phone number XXX-XXX-9555
I'm asking any agent to help, to please be my next Dennis, be a super agent and I will scream it every rooftop if you can be my salvation,
Sincerely Hopeful, Nikisarush

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Good morning, Nikisarush! We truly apologize for this situation, and sorry for the late reply!


We just replied to the private message you sent us about this matter. When possible, please check your inbox.


If anyone else is having the same situation, feel free to send me (or any other authorized Community agent) a private message for further assistance.


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