Feedback, my gift to you.


Feedback, my gift to you.

Just some feedback if Boost folks read this forum.  Your tech support is TERRIBLE.  Not sure if I can be a customer or not.  You make Sprint and T-Mobile look like gods.  Heck, I'd rather ave called the cable company.


Just called in to get a SIM card since local Walmart was out of stock.  After 30 minutes on the phone and THRICE explaining I just needed a SIM card I finally hung up since dinner was ready.  You didn't need my IMEI number, you didn't need to know my phone was anything but unlocked, (technically you didn't need to know that) you didn't need to know if I was porting a number.  You just needed to sell or better yet give me a SIM card.


I didn't need to wait on tech support, I really didn't need anything that couldn't have been handled in a 3 minute call, could have been 2 minutes but having to say and spell my last name 3 times (DALTON) so the rep tried to understand should have tipped me off as to how this call was going to end.  Then the unneeded IMEI number 4 times...ugh.


So while I was waiting on hold, surfing the net, I got one on e-Bay, total transaction time ~30 seconds.


I may try Boost, but right now, you're down more than a couple points.