Explanation of charges


Explanation of charges



My wife and I went to a local store last week and we moved her phone from Sprint to Boost on the $50 unlimited plan. My new phone and my sons phone would follow in a couple of days. The charge was $50 and $10 for activating an old phone. Sounds correct.


Tuesday my iPhone 7 comes and the tech ported my number from Sprint to the new phone..  It was understood that this phone would be under my wife's account and we were starting a family plan. There was a $35.23 charge. I was under the impression the plan was $30/line. The $5.23 can't be tax because the numbers don't add up.


Wednesday my sons phone comes and we activate it with a tech over the phone with the understanding this would be another phone on my wife's Family Plan at $30 a month. That day a charge of $55.58 and $72.68 were charged to my wifes credit card.


I need to understand what this plan really charges? On the site it says $110 for 3 phones unlimited. We attached a CC to our account and we are supposed to get a $5 discount. I would love to SPEAK with someone but there is an endless maze on the phone that leads no where.


As an ending note, I want to add insurance to my and my son's iPhone but with this being all screwed up I am worried.






Re: Explanation of charges

Hello mikecuzo. Just finished reading your post and definitely I am concerned by it and your claim that you were over charge. Can you please send me a private message with all three phone numbers and pins so I can take a look at what happened?