Declined payment


Declined payment

Boost Mobile keeps declining my payment
I'm on the daily plan and over the last two days, my credit card has been declined even though funds are available on it.

The first night it happened, which was the night before last, I thought they were not funds available. But I checked, and there were.

Then I thought it was something with my bank so I used a different card, which is actually the default card on my Boost Mobile account that I've been using for years, and their card was declined as well even though the funds are available.

I tried to call customer service but it was closed. So the next morning around 6:30am I tried one more time and my default card worked so I was able to make yesterday's payment.

Then last night, when I went to make last night's payment, both cards were declined again and this morning both cards are still declining.

I called customer service and after going through the prompts, I was told that in order to actually speak to a customer service representative, I have to pay a $3 convenience fee. Why should I have to pay a $3 fee when it's your system that's declining the cards? Both of them work just fine for everything else. My bank card I used all day yesterday. The other card I used as well, so I know they work.

And this has me so disgusted I'm actually ready to switch my service.

Re: Declined payment

@prettybig34 Hi. We're truly sorry to hear this. Could you please send us a private message with the phone number and PIN on the account to further investiage?


- E.J.