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Re: Customers Appreciation

I really agree! I am glad that you're doing sweepstakes now for community members and such but I have been a loyal boost member for many years and ALWAYS pay my bill on time and have never had a lapse in service. I also recommend Boost to friends and family and have gotten some to switch. I have had nothing but positive experiences with Boost Mobile and Im very glad to have a cell provider that doesnt ianvolve the hassle and over-billing and gimmicks of many other providers, esp the "big carriers" but also other prepaid carriers as well! However, I have almost been tempted a couple of times away from Boost, only because of some of the deals offered by switching. I never recieved any sort of deal when I initially switched to Boost and after many years, I still have not gotten so much as a discount on a new phone when one was broken or anything. One time, I was actually offered a promo code (which I was told are occassionally given out randomly to loyal customers) when I was looking to purchase a new phone with Boost, but when I went to use it, it didn't work! And it was on a phone that was definitely eligible and Boost's NORMALLY great customer service was unable to help me resolve the matter and basically told me that because they're given out randomly, there was no longer anything they could do, they didn't have any of the promotional codes that I had been given "left" to extend to anyone. Like, they ran out. I am so sad about this, as I love everything else about Boost and their customer service. I am once again in need of purchasing a new Boost phone and I would REALLY REALLY appreciate if some sort of promotion or coupon/discount could be extended to me for my many years of timely payments, many recommendations to friends (some resulting in new customers for Boost), and being a loyal customer in general. Thanks for any help/advice! And yes, I am already signing up for the latest sweepstake but I really dont have great luck so I really wish I could be rewarded for loyal service rather than hold my breath hoping to suddenly have an amazing change in luck as its EXTREMELY unlikely with SO MANY participants that the sweepstakes will do me any good 😞 
As I said... I love Boost so Im not complaining exactly, I just wish I could get some help in maybe buying a new Boost phone with a loyalty discount/promotion! Thanks for any reply/help/info!!

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