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Customer Service Nightmare


Customer Service Nightmare

I have had the same acount problem for 6 straight monthis...every day. I have spoken to official Boost customer service atleast 15 times via ph call, for a toltal of approx 42 solid hours, including 2 supervisors and 4 escalations by Boost + 3 instore visits...... for the same exact problem. Not a single time has the issue been resolved.

The issue is poor or no cell signal.

Each time I call customer service they do the same exact thing... check my phone remotely. then insist they reset it...I have done this over and over and over again per your live instructions. Each time I am told there is no record I have ever contacted you...and they make me do the reset again.

On one occasion a live Boost Supervisor said she was sending an Enginner out to the tower and would contact me in about 3 days. She did not contact me and when I called Boost back...they said they had no record and wanted to do the reset for about tge 20th time.

On another occasion a live Boost Supervisor said she wad going to solve it by getting me a FREE signal booster. This took two hours live with her. In the end she said Sprint will provide the free signal booster.......she transfered me to Sprint....and he said.... no way...Sprint does not do that...and that he was extremely confused as to why I was sent to him.

I tried in Pearland,Tx. The Boost rep... meesed with my phone in the store....for 30 mins....She asked me why do I have a church picture....and handed me my phone back...saying it was fixxed. I noticed my UBER app was missing..and asked her what is the deal? She said she deleted it....laughed..and said "Oh... do you want your UBER app?" ......I left the store.


I would like to add that the location I am in is not around building or trees... its wide open and per all of your live reps..within fine range of the cell tower.


I went in person again.. today 6-16-2018 to the Boost store in Pearland. The lady there really tried her best...


She sat on her own personal cell phone with Official Boost Customer Service for over  1 and  1/2 hours.. they were extremely rude to her....and kept telling her the same thing...i.e. do what has been done 20 times.....


After 1.5 hours.... I had to leave.... she was still on the phone with them and was extremely frustrated..... all she had gotten out of  Boost Customer Service was that "We need to try and fix this" but would not give her any answer as to how or the next step.


Boost customer service was extremely rude and unhelpful to the in store Boost employee.


What is the deal?

You can contact me via my email connect to this forum. (the only contact I have received so far on here is from someone who wanted to let me know they deleted part of another post.. thanks for the help)

I hope we can resolve this issue quickly....its been going on 24 /7 for about 6 months.


Re: Customer Service Nightmare

Oh no! Sorry to hear that. Definitely want to look into this for you. Please send us a private message so we may work directly with you.


You can send a private message by clicking on my name, then selecting the message option from the profile page.