Charges I did not agree to and poor treatment by sales staff


Charges I did not agree to and poor treatment by sales staff

I have been with Boost Mobile for only 5 days and I am disgusted.


 The issues started from the moment I got my phone back home.  


I first called Boost Mobile to ask about your plan which included a free LG Stylo.  I was told the plan would be $50 plus an activation fee and tax, and the service would be $50 a month after that  Okay, fine.  I sent someone to purchase the plan and phone for me as I am disabled and it is difficult for me to get to the store.


My friend called me during the transaction to ask if I wanted a case.  I said no.  The salesperson it was free, so I agreed. 


When my friend returned home, I saw I had been charged $10 for the case, as well as $7 for insurance, which I was not told or asked about. Additionally, the phone was not working right.  It kept on dropping calls, and even when it didn't, the sound was muffled.  I had to practically yell to be understood and ask people to repeat things over and over. The problems were consistent from home or elsewhere, at any distance.


I had to arrange for someone to return to the store on Monday. The phone had to be replaced. This was not only inconvenient, it was an additional expense for me. I spoke to them on the phone at this point. When I asked why I was charged for the case they said they would not have offered a free case, that they gave it to me at a discount and kept talking about my “free” phone I had to pay over $80 for. This salesperson kept on talking over me, saying the salesperson should not have told me the case was free.  She was not hearing the fact that in any case she did, and that I said no to the case in the first place. Yet when I asked her to just take the case back and return my money, she would not.  And if I wanted to cancel the whole thing, because I was lied to and manipulated into spending money I did not want to, I was told all I would get back was a total of $10.  This for a phone that didn’t even work and cost me additional money to get someone to bring it back because it was broken.


Do your people not understand the word “no”?  Are they told to charge people for and give them items they say they do not by offering them free and then charging for them?  Are they taught to no listen to customers by just talking over them about store policy after taking people’s money unethically?


Unless you can solve this, I would like you to take your phone and case back and refund all my money. Which still leaves me at a loss.


And then tell your people what the word “no” means, and not to charge customers for items without their knowledge and consent.



Thank you.



Re: Charges I did not agree to and poor treatment by sales staff

We understand your frustration & are truly sorry for the inconvenience. Can you please provide me the store's information, if you have the store manager's name as well as the representative that assisted on the sale? Can you as well please send me this information together with an e-mail for you as well as a contact phone number on a private message?


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