Charged Twice for Phone


Charged Twice for Phone

I placed an order for a Moto G6 Play on June 6. While ordering I attempted to pay using one credit card which was declined as a result of my bank's automated fraud protection. After communicating with my bank that the charge was not fraudulent, I attempted making the purchase again using that card, but the charge failed to go through two more times. I then switched to a different credit card from a different bank and attempted the charge using that card which went through immediately.


At that point, 3 pending charges are on the first card while 1 pending charge is on the second card. I expected that the 3 pending charges on the first card would drop, but one charge on the first card is no longer pending and the charge on the second card is also no longer pending so I have 2 confirmed charges, one on the first card and another on the second card.


Seeing as I only need and only got 1 phone, I need 1 of those 2 charges to be refunded.


Re: Charged Twice for Phone

Let's take a closer look, Matt5sean3. Can you shoot us a private message so we can investigate?