Cancel Phone Payment Plan?


Cancel Phone Payment Plan?

I signed up for the payment plan for a Samsung J7. I hate the phone and have since switched back to my ZTE Warp 7. I have no interest in using the phone in the future. The buy back option thru Boost will only give me $10 which is less than a single monthly payment. Is there a way to cancel that plan and send the phone back?


Re: Cancel Easy Pay?

Hi @13AcccentVA,


Sorry to hear your Samsung J7 is not what you wanted. 


The Easy Pay program is a loan.  You agreed to a contract when they offered it.  You would have to check your contract details in the my account section, click the contract number for info.


Just cause you got a loan on a phone, you are still subject to the standard return policy of 7 days 😞


Easy Pay FAQ


Maybe you could sell your J7 here;

and pay off your loan.  Do not attempt to sell your j7 and then not make your installment payments.  Boost will flag the device and then Swappa will come after you.


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Re: Cancel Easy Pay?

Is there anyway to cancel my service without going in store or calling customer service?

Re: Cancel Easy Pay?

@Glorychihuahuas Hello! In order to cancel the service you will need to get in contact with a Customer Service Representative so they can properly assist you with the request. Remember, that we can also assist you here. If you need assistance please send me a "Private Message" so I can assist you. 


~ Joy

~ Joy P.