Cancel 1 payment on monthly plan


Cancel 1 payment on monthly plan

I ordered the 50$ unlimited data plan, my usual is the 45$ 5gb plan. I clicked the plan buttons and payment said 50$. I was charged 50$ on my 45$ plan. It was not like that in the check out! I also got charged 45$ in another payment I "allegedly" made at the same time just because! That's 95$!
How can I cancel the payment, and get the right plan.

-BTW, being computer savvy, I can see how Boost makes changing plan/add ons difficult, so you purchase the wrong thing, or it says the payment didn't go through when it does!
-I'm Burger

Re: Cancel 1 payment on monthly plan

Hello and thank you for sharing your post!


Can I send you a private message so you can give me your account's PIN and mobile number to further check what happened? It's certainly disappointing when this happens, but I'll certainly do my best to help you out.


Looking forward to your reply back!